March 15, 2009

Day One

I checked my e-mail this morning while sipping my coffee. That I like to do because it gives me a moment to wake up and plan my day. Not looking at any blogs was really not a big deal. All it did was cut in to my coffee time. That is a good thing. I think I need to be getting dressed a little earlier anyway.

I did notice a couple of things today.

1) I don't really check out many different sites.
2) My routine is that I check my e-mail and look at my fave blogs in the morning. I always do a quick check of e-mail during quiet time in the afternoon, and at the end of the day when all is tucked in and done, that is when I blog.

I don't see much of a problem with that. In fact, tonight I sat down and was determined to delete a bunch of blogs. But what I noticed was they are all such nice, positive people, and I don't WANT to let them go forever. I would MUCH RATHER be sitting here on the computer blogging or reading something inspiring OTHER than watching the CRAP ON T.V. Besides...I want to know how my friends are doing. I WANT to cheer them on and support them.

I think the problem may be just the AMOUNT of time I want the computer to consume my life.
I think a 20 min limit in the morning is good, a quick e-mail check in the aft, and an hour MAX at night.

I DO know that since our computer is in the living room I have a tendency to check something quick...several times...and those times add up.

This takes away from my cuddling/playing with the kids/ reading/ napping time. Or forcing myself to get outside because I just don't have any other choice time.

Tonight I'm thinking that it is not WHAT I'm doing....It is the amount of time spent doing it. After all. I could read the paper and feel inadequate no?? Hmmm....a thought to ponder.



momofthecrazies said...

I'm discovering how addicting facebook can be. I think BALANCE and MODERATION will be my objectives for the week. Thanks for the reminders about what's important in life!

Erin said...

so easily we get too much of a good thing