March 16, 2009

Country Alarm Clocks

This is how I know Spring is finally here in the country....

1) I switched my thick winter boots to rain boots to feed the animals,

2) The geese have begun to land in our backyard,

3) I am no longer jolted out of bed at 6am by a snowplow. Instead my alarm clock (other than my son yelling from his crib) is the following.... EITHER the rooster,the cow,the school bus, or the ROBINS. Ah yes, the bird sanctuary that is the tree right outside our window. Chirp away little birdies. you won't be so happy when the cat finds your babies.....again.

4) And night I am lulled to sleep by the sound of coyotes in the distance.

The country. If you come to visit either bring ear plugs or sleep when the animals sleep.

1 comment:

momofthecrazies said...

The son yelling from his crib. Can I ever relate!!