February 03, 2009

Cattle Round-Up

Today was a BIG day for us.

We rounded up 5 Bull Calves, put them on a trailer and sold them.

O.K so it did not quite happen the way we planned.

Not from a lack of effort on our part. This included Emma the human fence post, Me the scared door holder, and the 3 men who tried desperately to get the calves to go where they wanted.

Let's just say the plan did not work.

Apparently the bull calves along with some mothers are GREAT fence jumpers, and if they want to they will just run the gate right down.

Apparently I don't feel very safe when a herd of cattle are charging towards me trying to escape the lovely men who are trying to steal their babies.

Apparently the horse riding, lasso throwing cowboys know what they are doing. And we do not.


We did manage to get one on the trailer!!! Poor little fella.

Oh well.

Plan B.

Oh...I DID get some great shots with my camera (my idea of helping), but I had some weird light button pressed and all the pics were washed out.

Maybe next time.


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Sometimes you would think that they know what is in the plans. I bet that was some good humor for GOD! I can see Him in a good belly laugh! ;)
Glad nobody got hurt.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Oh by the way ....cute picture at the top of you blog!!! I like the flowers too. "Valentine" holds a special place in my heart since that is our last name!

happygeek said...

If there were cows running at me I'd get the heck outta the way. No matter what the cowboys said. They are all safe up there on their horses. Next time they can stand in the way of the trampling mamas.

momofthecrazies said...

That is something I would have loved to watch!

I love the flowers - they make me think of spring.

Thankful Paul said...
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Nancy said...

I love the farm stories. . .

Anonymous said...

Try herding 250 black angus calves that don't know where they are going. Calves are bad but try herding and loading a younger bull that dosen't want to leave his ladies. Once you know cow phycology it gets easier.
We don't use horses. Just fast ATVs
I'm usually the gate man. I quess they think I lived long enough.