February 03, 2009

Fear trumps Chivalry

I was in the big city yesterday and had quite the 'Alyson' adventure. For those of you who don't know me that well, that means I did something stupid.

Entering the parking garage on the bright sunny day, I turned on my headlights.

I parked the car.

I returned to my car 2 hours later to a dead battery because of course I forgot to shut the lights off. I had to be across town in 10 minutes for an appointment (the reason I went to the city), and so panicked a little. My friend told me to flag down a car in the lot. So I did. He was an older gentleman with his older wife in his tracker.

I asked in my best lady in distress voice...." Oh please Sir could you give me a boost?"

He hesitated and said NO!!!! NO! that's right....NO!!

Of course instead of doing the polite Canadian thing and saying "oh o.k thanks anyway", and looking as though I was going to cry, I started thinking....CRAP! now what??? and muttering a little too loudly...." great! Thanks for helping!! thanks for helping a woman? what happened to chivalry??" ahem....

The man hesitated (probably because his wife was telling him to help me), but continued on during my ummm.....rant.

OF COURSE.....As I was saying this I am thinking we can't just stand there so I might as well lock of the car and go sit somewhere and phone my husband. OF COURSE as I'm closing the door still muttering I realize the KEYS ARE IN THE IGNITION!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....NOW WHAT!!!!

To make a funny and long story a little shorter I'll cut to the lesson.

If I just did the Nice thing and said thank you anyway and cried, the man probably would have not continued on his way. He would have helped me, thus avoiding a $50.00 fee to break into my car and start it. I would have thanked the man and he would have felt good about helping me. But NO.... Instead my day was made more difficult and the man probably left the parking lot thinking I was NOT a very nice person.

Thanks. Lesson learned. Be nice...it makes life easier.


momofthecrazies said...

What are the odds you would lock your keys in your car that won't start. That sucks. Did you finally make your appointment?

I've locked my keys in the van with Crazy #2 locked in her carseat holding a huge bag of candy we had just bought at the store. Not good!

Stam House said...

oh dear! what a day!

Erin said...

steve has instructed me not to boost anyone else when we had the Jetta. I guess we could risk frying some parts with the surge. maybe this guy feared the same thing.

Nancy said...

I think ranting was the right thing to do.

Once, when my kids were little, I locked the keys in the car and my purse was stolen the same day. . . .

Nancy said...

Your city has a parking garage??!