February 07, 2009

Simple Things I Love Right Now.

I love that the days are slowly getting longer.
I love that it is still light out at 5pm.
I love that every few days the sun makes an appearance.
I love that my chickens have been laying well ALL winter.
I love that my calf is happy and growing big.
I love that my kids are pretty great kids.
I love that Peyton naps and gives me a break.
I love that Homeschooling works very well for our family.
I love that we live so close to family. (except my brother and Father)
I love that I may be getting my Sunporch this summer.
I love that I have So many close girlfriends.
I love that my husband thinks I'm a riot.
I love that we are having just one more child.
I love that I can run after being paralyzed.
I love that I don't have to weed a garden for 5 more months.
I love that it is Saturday and we are just hanging out.


Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

That's a great list. Thanks for posting it.

Nancy said...

Lovely! You gave me a great big smile!

momofthecrazies said...

I love your list.