January 08, 2009

Slowing down on a Snowy day

Lots of snow. Nice fluffy snow. And it isn't even all that cold which makes me happy. That way I don't worry about the animals outside.

My husband is working and Emma(student who lives with us) is back to school. That leaves me with 3 kids and no car. Not that I'm complaining. It just forces me to slow down and enjoy being together. Beats climbing on top of each other and yelling a lot ;)

So here is a rare picture of all 3 sitting together.

I like these pictures because it shows the truth. My kids dress themselves, do their own hair and so...don't look so great in pictures all the time. If I said that I did not care at all I would be lying. But whatever...really. Does it really matter?

Not today. Today I'm proud to show you my babies. Pink Soother, messy hair and all.
Go ahead....take that soother out of his mouth....I DARE YOU. He'll let you know how he feels about it.


ValleyGirl said...

What great pictures!! I'm a big fan of letting my girls dress themselves, too. Usually they do okay, but every now and again, I find myself praying that their teachers will know that what they're wearing wasn't MY idea! ;)

Carey said...

Great photos! As long as the kids are happy, and moms happy, it doesnt matter what they are wearing.

saloma said...

you are such a wonderful mother!

saloma said...

I meant to add "beautiful children"

Anonymous said...

Think of the soother as a mouth guard. Keeps from bashing his teeth in.


momofthecrazies said...

My girls like to dress themselves and it's pretty scary what they come up with. The other day, Crazy #2 was wearing Strawberry Shortcake socks, purple fleece pants, and an orange, pink, and yellow skirt. Added to that was a pink floral shirt with a tank top over top. (The tank top had fruit on it.) Oh well - her idea of "matching" means wearing stripes on every article of clothing from head to toe. Yikes!!

How do you manage to get your 3 kids to sit together without killing each other?

Andrea said...

sooo cute.
I still think peyton looks like Brandon.
he is a doll love the big eyes :)
I think you need another boy hehe

Nancy said...

Aww-w-w-w - so adorable!

happygeek said...

My children dress themselves in outfits I lay out. They've got their father's genes and I am trying to break a cycle of outfit mishaps.
However, no one does their hair. Ever. Buzz cuts every 2 months takes care of the whole brushing issue.
I'm such a rockin mom.