January 10, 2009

Frozen Beauty

I woke up to -25C this morning and to the MOST beautiful sunrise I've ever seen.

The sun was cresting in the east (front of our home), and the moon was HUGE and directly to the west (in our backyard) lit up like it was the sun itself.

There was a stillness. Very cold and no wind. The smoke rising from the wood furnaces was being trapped in the air just above us and it was floating across the horizon.

I would have taken a picture but I was busy trying to crack open the chickens water container and free it from ice. Well that and I ran inside before my nostrils froze together.

At the moment the sun is streaming through the five large windows in our living room taking the chill out of the air. It is so bright in here you would think it was summer. But the air reminds us that we live in an 1800's home that is anything but air tight. The warmth of the sun on my face right now is soothing. Too bad it does not reach my feet.

It is cold. I feel helpless in the earth's power. But it is still and I'm in awe of its beauty.

Well that and I'm stuck at home because the car won't start ;)


Nancy said...

The moon was amazing last night - so bright. . . .

B said...

-25 ??!!!

We're finally in normal winter weather here, 8 degrees. Most of the snow is gone too.

Ahhh, maybe I can mow my lawn in January this year


Berte said...

-25C?! I can't even imagine! To me it would be beyond cold but yet you describe it with such beauty. This Texan has a true admiration for you living in such cold temperatures.
RiverBend Farm

momofthecrazies said...

We've had a nasty cold winter so far, but yesterday we received a reprieve. It's amazing how -5 can feel like a heat wave!!