January 23, 2009

Poop Matters

Temperatures are above zero again today. I guess tonight it will be -30C though. How weird.
So much fluctuation in weather.

This morning I went out to feed the calf. All his poop was soft in the hut. Not looking forward to cleaning THAT out at all!!! In the winter it is easy to forget that with animals come poop,smell and flies. Oh y'a. huh.

Too bad it is not healthy for a pregnant lady to be cleaning out all that poop. How does that sound? good excuse??


momofthecrazies said...

And I thought changing diapers was bad. I can't imagine dealing with a calf!!

ValleyGirl said...

If it was kitty litter, you'd have a good excuse, but unfortunately, I've never heard that cowpies were a problem for pregnant women!!! I can certainly understand how you'd prefer them frozen!