January 20, 2009

Not Hard to please a good Woman :)

I don't mind winter. As long as the winds are calm and the sun is out.

Today we have both and so I need to get outside.

Perfect day for skiing....but I don't have skis.
Perfect day for snowmobiling...no snowmobile.
Snowshoe? Nope.

O.K A walk down the road to see the cows while pulling kids on toboggan will do ;)

As long as the sun is on my face it really does not take much to make me happy.


saloma said...

what a content girl!

Carey said...

Sounds like a perfectly good afternoon. I hope you enjoyed the time outside. It is amazing the effect the sun can have on ones mood. If only it was available to see everyday, even if for a short time.

Nancy said...

Nice. It was a beautiful day.

Anonymous said...