January 03, 2009


One year ago we were coming to the end of Adam's police Training.
One year ago I was on my own with 3 kids.
One year ago I trucked out 6 times a day in 2 feet of snow to fill an outdoor furnace.
One year ago we were living off a paycheck that nearly drove us to the food bank.
One year ago thanks to our banker and loved ones we made it through.
One year ago I lost half of my chickens to the freezing temperatures.
One year ago I found myself wondering what this year would look like.
One year ago I so desperately wanted to become pregnant.
One year ago I was younger.

Today I am one year older, and am right where I want to be and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead. I am not expecting anything nor wishing for much. I just want to go with the flow of life and try to live the best life I can being the best person I can be. Today it is all o.k and I'll make it through...just as it was One year ago.

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