January 19, 2009

Adam has the day off today. I like that. We finally get to spend some family time just hanging out together.

I think it has been a while because it seemed like a treat to have him tag along while I grocery shopped. Right now he is doing a puzzle with Erin at the table and chatting with Lara.

In a half hour or so, he'll hold the fort with the baby so I can take the girls to the rink and then to my midwife appointment.

I think this homeschooling works well with shift work. Sometimes it is hard for Adam to sleep during the day with all of us in the house, but then we get to have our 'weekends' together in the middle of the week.

So far it is all working. I'm off to take the girls skating, and leaving my son to sleep and my husband to play the Wii.

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Carey said...

I hope you had a wonderful day!