January 26, 2009

Good Mommy Day

Feeling better today. Much better in fact.
I've been going to bed at 7:30pm and I think last night I was in comfy dreamy land by 8ish.
It helps. I rest as much as possible during the day, but lets be honest here. My resting is not the lazy mans resting.

Anyway, we did not make it to skating today. I would have had to take Peyton and don't have skates that fit him. Well that and the prospects of holding up a 20month old on the ice really did not appeal to me. So...We will go Thursday.

Instead we hunkered down on this here freezing January day.

I feel good actually. I managed to dust and vacuum the entire house, check on the animals a couple of times, make homemade vegetable soup, started to crochet a new blanket, and get a real supper in the oven ala salmon and rice.
The kids have finished their school work with good attitudes and have played well all day.

Yes. I once again can wear my Anne of Green Gables, Good Farm Wife, Homeschooling Mommy button....at least for the rest of the day anyway.


Carey said...

Im glad to hear you are feeling better.

saloma said...

so glad you are feeling better!!
I get those highs and lows too.