January 12, 2009

Compromising Activities

This is how we spent our Sunday evening together. Me Crocheting a blanket for my oldest daughter and my husband playing the Wii.

It was calm and relaxing. More for me than for him, but he was doing what HE wanted to do. I didn't mind that I missed 'my' show because I got to finish Lara's blanket and watch my husband get to the pro level in Baseball.

I like that about our marriage. We do a pretty good job at meshing our worlds...finding time for ourselves as well as common ground with each other.

It seems simple but sometimes compromising on choice of activity is not always so easy. But it is worth it because when we are both happy individually we are happy together.

Funny how all it takes is a little Wii and some yarn....

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Nancy said...

Aw - you two are awesome!