December 29, 2008

Remember When?

O.K seriously...When did my children start to grow up? Better yet, when did I start to grow up and have children? REALLY!! WHEN?

When did Lara become old enough to have crazy adult teeth that don't yet fit her head, and be old enough that I trust her on a HORSE with a riding helmet???
When did the girls start playing for hours by themselves and start impromptu games of Farmer first thing in the morning while still in their cute feetie pyjamas????

When did my baby boy become 19 months old and start GETTING HIS HANDS ON ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING???

When on earth did Lara start to look so old??? yesterday? today? I don't know, but I just want to stop time!!!! Please!!! I need more time!!!
The days I find myself wishing the house was picked up, quiet and professionally decorated...I try to remember that those days will come soon enough. Because if I wish those days to come too soon....I'll miss all of this...and that is something I don't want to happen.


Nancy said...

Yes - so true.

Erin said...