July 26, 2008

Yep It's me...at my best

Soooo....Here I am running down the busy country farming road in my cute running skirt. Like yesterday in my other skirt...I looked cute.
Now in a community like this I tend to get looks for simply running down the road. With my new cute running skirt I get even weirder looks. Not ooh she looks cute looks, but is she wearing a SKIRT?? looks.

Whatever...I got over it, and I feel good wearing it so whatever. I also would rather get weird looks for wearing a skirt to run vs getting looks for wearing spandex on my 30 year old legs. (but that is another story)


As I was finishing my run I ran past a lady selling stuff in her driveway. I happened to see 4 wooden salad bowls and a tin baking dish. They were just too perfect so I told her I would take them now and bike back with my 2$. My logic was that I could not carry these things while biking so I might as well grab them now.

So here I am...running down a country road in my skirt holding onto 4 wooden bowls and a tin pie pan.

And who should happen to drive up next to me??

My husband's buddy in his cop car who could not resist slowing down to ask me what on earth I was doing and if I needed a ride since my face was all red.

I'm not sure what was worse. This incident OR the one last winter when Adam showed up UNEXPECTEDLY with his other work buddy and caught me looking like and IDIOT in Adam's coat, hat and mitts while I threw wood on the furnace.

Yep...that's me. Anne of Green Gables at her best.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I've never heard of a "running skirt". You should post a picture!

How unfortunate that it was the same friend of Adam's that just happened to drive by. Murphy's Law.

Erin said...


The Kerr Family said...

That's so classic! I'm sure all of the neighbours who were watching (and you know someone from every farm w/in sight was) were buzzing about why the cop stopped the 'new girl' (you'll be the new girl 'til your kids have kids :P).

Anonymous said...
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