July 27, 2008

Farm happenings

This weekend my husband graciously put up an outdoor pen and some roosts for the 40 meat chickens that are at my In-Laws.
What can we say...I am all about quality of life before we chop their heads off. I say I because really....it is me that wants them outside and off the ground at night.

So....here is a pic of the gals checking out their new digs. They are about 6 weeks now.

Here is the newest Calf born yesterday. She is number 16 in the herd. One left to go. She is just so cute all protected by the thistles. Erin named her Princess. Looks like we are keeping this one.

And here is a pic of Lara at camp last week. They were the month of December in the parade.
She had a lot of fun.

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Nancy said...

Lovely pics - welcome to Princess. Lara looks super adorable.