July 11, 2008

Meat chicken Update

Our 40 Meat chickens are now 4 weeks. They have gone from cute little yellow puff balls...

To awkward looking 2 week olds...

To these crazy white feathered things. Their feathers are not COMPLETELY in... but they are covered enough that the heat lamp is gone and the window is left open for air.

See that metal hanging contraption thing? that is a feeder my MIL put together. See the chicken standing in the food swinging? Silly chicken....who says they don't have personality??

Here is another look at the birds. Next week we are rigging up a yard for them so they can get out, peck at bugs, and get some great fresh air. I am happy to say that we have created such a nice home for them at the In-Laws that I don't feel the need to rescue steal them and bring them over to my yard.
I'm sure my egg layers appreciate that. Especially Heff the Rooster, since he now has on average 6 hens following him around WHEREVER he goes.
I'm seriously enjoying this chicken thing. I am going to look into the intricacies and policies on selling meat hens and organic eggs. I would love to get to the point where I have a sign at our driveway and/or sell my eggs at the local farmer's market.

Selling properly raised hens and eggs would be great. It would not only reduce my environmental footprint, but help the local city eat healthier by providing an alternative to the factory reared and hormone injected crap sold at the local market.

Just doing my part and having fun doing it.

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Anonymous said...

If you ever get to the point of selling meat chickens let me know because we are always on the lookout for them and they are hard to find! Oh - and on another note - I noticed at the post office today they are selling Anne of Green Gables commemorative stamp booklets. Thought you might want to pick one up!