July 12, 2008

Laughing at the Person I've become

With Gas/Grocery prices Soaring, Plastic bottles being recalled, Lead in Toys, and warnings about Teflon...ECT...ECT....ECT...

Back before modern science and industry started trying to make our 'lives easier'. Back to knowing where your products came from and how they were made. Back to before we were brainwashed into believing that products are safe and 'good for us'.

My husband laughed at me the other day. (In a good way). He laughed at the things I've discovered and the switches I've made. He thought it is 'funny' how science is proving that the 'old ways' were better for us in so many ways. I'm tired of doing things because that is how things are done. (Here in North America anyway). I'm tired of the garbage, the junk, the products we consume because they seem convenient and easy.

Here is a brief list of things I've changed/done over the past year or two to benefit the environment, my budget and/or my families health.

*No plastic bags. Cloth or bins if I can't carry it.
*I don't accept receipts at the ATM.
*Use cloth napkins,cloth diapers,cloth baby wipes,and yes...cloth maxi pads.
*The entire family uses stainless steel water bottles...or BPA free ones.
*Use BPA free baby bottle/sippy cup
*Don't buy cheap plastic toys...if I do they are second hand and lead free (hopefully)
*I recycle everything I can
*I raise chickens for meat/eggs, and eat our own Meat cows...I try very hard not to consume fast food or deli meat.
* I try to eat locally/organically as much as I can. I'll make a point to stop at the road side garden stand, and plan on switching to bulk/organic cheese and milk (due to hormones)
*We try to buy everything second hand/pre loved. Why not? Saves money and helps out the person getting rid of it. Also saves the planet from chemicals/water used to produce new products.
*I clean my entire house with Vinegar/baking soda/vegetable oil/Borax bleach/lemon. I also buy baking soda clothes detergent, don't buy dryer sheets, and use phosphate free dish soap.
*I don't use paper towels or facial tissue, and I buy recycled toilet paper.
*I buy IKEA mattresses because they use organic fire retardants instead of the dangerous Bromine that North America uses. (We are way behind the times, and our mattresses are killing us...really.look it up)
*I never ever ever use plastic wrap or microwave plastics of any sort, and I'm trying to replace all plastic containers with glass.
*I'm replacing all my TEFLON cookware with either glass,stainless steel,cast iron or ceramic. I can't BELIEVE how BAD TEFLON IS!!!! I just never knew!!

I'm sure there are a TON of other things I do and DON'T DO.....but that is enough for now. I'm also sure there are a ton of things I WANT TO DO...like have a vehicle that runs on vegetable oil and run the house on solar/wind power, or reduce my garbage to a bag a month.

All in good time I suppose.

I think it is funny, because 5 years ago I laughed at people like me. They were the granola crunchers, tree huggers, freaks, geeks...you know. Well...I get it now. I am a sorta Crunchy wannabe....maybe I should change my profile ;)

I'm just trying to do what is right for myself, my family, the planet and the next generation of kids. I want to go against the I do it just because attitude. I mean really...I'm a Christian, Homeschooling, Stay at home, baby wearing mom already so why not go all the way? ;)

What are YOU doing? I'd love to hear about it.


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

We do a lot of those things as well.

Although, I'm not a huge fan of the Motherease diapers I have, but am unwilling to "invest" in untried... And I don't know if I could get used to cloth feminine products...I use the cup instead, & help the environment by getting pregnant again as soon as I get my period back :-)

Kevin is learning how to make diesel fuel from used fry oil...

Do you guys burn trash?

Emma said...

you are my inspiration to live better and become healthier. but honestly... cloth maxi pads. i dont think i could do that one.

good luck on your organic lifestyle and have fun at camp : )

love me,xo

The Kerr Family said...

I'm into saving water & energy lately so we always keep the water off while we're lathering our hands (to the tune of the ABCs) and brushing our teeth. I just read that Jennifer Aniston takes 3 minute showers so my goal is to get mine down to 5 minutes (since I'm assuming she's got a hair stylist who washes and styles her hair separately). I also only run my dishwasher after 10 p.m. (peak energy consumption hours are weekdays b/w 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.) and I've been doing laundry then too - throw a load in at 10 and put it in the dryer before I go to bed (on rainy days) or throw it in the washer as close to 7 a.m. as possible and hang it out on the line b/c "In Ontario, clothes lines are in" :)