July 10, 2008

Deliecious memories made easy

We were walking the yard the other night and we found a sweet surprise! Black Cap Rasberries!!! Very yummy. Kind of like a cross between a raspberry and Blackberry. So yummy!! Yay for sweet discoveries on our property! We must have not looked close enough last year. I wonder if I can find enough to make Jam!!

For fun today, we also pulled some carrots from my crazy garden. You know the one...the one that is neglected and full of weeds? that one. I guess my carrots really are growing!! Apparently I should have 'thinned' them weeks ago. Oh well, small clumpy carrots are better than nothing right??

This was tonight's supper. It made me happy.

Pizza made by me. Hand made crust (super easy), lettuce from the garden (Mil's..not mine), coupled with a family devotional.

So nice. Ummmm...earthy? Know what I mean?

Anyway, these things made me happy. Also made me slow down and take a good long look around. I could see the future...the memories...the stories...the possibilities,dreams,laughter and heartache...and I'm so unbelievably happy we moved here.

Of course it would be food that did it....now if I could only have my own cow for butter ;)


ValleyGirl said...

I SO love your table, paired with the candles. So simple and old-fashioned and homey. Oh, and the supper looks fabulous, too!!

Carey said...

Sounds like a perfect day.
Im curious about your devotionals...do you just read from the bible and discuss, or follow something from a devotional book. This is something I want to start at our dinner table as well, and wasnt sure where to start.

Nancy said...

Mmm-m-m-m-m - you are amazing. . .