June 19, 2008

My Reality

Jessica is holding a Keeping it Real thing over at her blog. So Here is my entry. I was supposed to take pictures of certain things AS THEY ARE RIGHT NOW (Or yesterday when I took the pictures). So here are the items asked for because I'm all about keeping my life authentic and real...and unedited.

Here is my fridge.

I showed the outside since it is more interesting. On top there is an inspirational picture from my Running Room magazine of a Mom of 4 Who qualified for the Olympic Trials in the Marathon, along with an advertisement for the Marathon I am attempting. Of course you can also see the kid magnets with drawings made for me all pulled down and crooked from a little baby boy who can't keep his hands off anything.

This is my Kitchen Sink

I don't dry dishes. They sit here....then they get put away when I feel like it. Or they just get reused, washed and put right back there. The cows on the tractor??? A wedding gift. Little did I know just how appropriate this gift was. The rubber gloves and Aveeno hand cream is to tame the eczema on my hands. I tried to tell my husband it would be better if he just did the dishes ALL THE TIME, but he wouldn't bite.

My favorite Shoes

My brand new ULTRA CUSHIONY Nike Air Zooms. I'm having knee problems. Apparently running in 3 year old runners while logging a bunch of Miles was not the best idea. I'm hoping these will become my new best friends soon.

My Favorite Room in the House
This is my Walk in Closet. We took the Fifth Bedroom of this old farm house and turned it into MY walk in Closet. That's right....be jealous ;) That is my vanity with pictures of family that I love and miss.

A Toilet....Sure, why not.

This is the upstairs toilet complete with kid stool. Notice the toilet paper in it. Apparently we forget how the silver knobby thing works. Actually the toilet makes SUCH a loud noise that it wakes us all up when flushed. So...it gets flushed in the AM. Not bad unless you have a 3 year old that uses a ROLL every time she goes. What you also don't see is the window that is FLOOR LEVEL and RIGHT NEXT TO THE TOILET. Hello neighbors.

Self Portrait. If I MUST

O.K so here I am at 9pm with an old pair of glasses on my face (I've lost 2 pairs in 3 days), and a boys (boys not men's) sweatshirt size small that I got for 5$ at a table at the YMCA. It was green and the sleeves only come to my elbows and I like that....O.K? And NO I'm not facing forward. My face broke out and I'm hideous in these glasses. Seriously...I'm sparing you the trauma.


This is what is left of my laundry this week. Yesterday you would have seen a HUGE pile on my dining room table. I conquered it yesterday though. So there. Hmmmm Looks like some laundry jumped out of the basket and landed on the floor. Crazy how that happens.

A Closet (This is worse than the self portrait)

This is the closet at the top of our stairs. It holds EVERYTHING I don't have a place for. Seriously...could there BEEEE anything else in there? Notice the Central Vac hose on the door and the very hard handle part INSIDE the closet? I'll let you figure out what happens when you open the door quickly and forget to brace myselfyourself.

And finally...What my kids are doing (when I was taking the pictures)

Sleeping. Oh I hope the flash did not wake them up....anyway this is Erin. She is too big for this toddler bed now but it is just so darn cute. Besides...if she wants to keep sharing a room with her sister she is going to have to deal with falling out of bed every once in a while.

Anyway, that's it. Wow these pics kind of say A LOT about me eh? Soooooo...care to share YOUR REALITY??


Elizabeth said...

what a fun way to meet new bloggy buddies.

and yes...i am VERY JEALOUS of your walk in closet! i may move in...

Shannon said...

Very nice!!! I love the shoes, I'm a runner too and I very badly need a new pair. Do you like them? I have a sore foot, so I wear orthotics in mine - hope your knee feels better! Great photos!

McMommy said...

I love, love, LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that walk-in closet!!!!!!! My pores are oozing jealousy right now!!!

I'm so glad Jessica did this carnival! I love peeking in on people's REAL lives!

Joy said...

Love the walk-in closet, too! I sort of have one of those... it's a "powder room" in my bedroom but I haven't done a single thing with it yet! Still trying to find that perfect antique vanity and I'll settle for nothing less!!! LOL!

gina said...

funny post- and you're right, I'm JEALOUS!

Anonymous said...

You look great, your house looks great, yada yada yada. Now can we talk about that closet? I'm green with envy.

Jessica said...

You crack me up. Trauma my heinie!

What color is your "closet"? It's hard to tell in pictures sometimes, but I think I love it.

And I'm curious, what's the quote on the girls' wall?

Dana said...

Ok, add me to the list of jealous about the closet people. Can I just say WOW. With a window and everything, how do you pull yourself away?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it is only a closet.

Alyson's Husband

Nancy said...

Awesome, dear girl - gotta love Nikes! (and that closet)

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Your pictures and your hubby's comment made me smile and realize how much I miss you and your family. Hope you're all doing well!

My brother was telling Dave the other night that if you're training for a marathon, you should be replacing your shoes every 3 months. Seems expensive to me!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

What a great idea. I love seeing people keeping it real!


Following Forward said...

Hi! I stopped by to see your reality and loved reading more of your other posts! I'll be back to visit again soon!

Jessie said...

I love your walk in closet. That would be my favorite room too! This was a fun way to get to know people...