June 18, 2008

A face only a mother could love

These are the Baby chicks last week...here they are about a day old...all cute and fluffy.

Here they are a week later. They are growing so fast! They are already getting their white feathers see?
Here they are as a group. They look kind of mean here....and I think they are starting to enter their 'ugly' phase. You know the one. The one we all went through but our mothers were too nice to say anything and loved us anyway.

Kind of like THIS face.


Erin said...

hahahahahhaha oh my goodness....i love the Llama picture....reminds me of the movie Emperor`s New Groove.

Jessica said...

He's awesome! How are your chickens doing?

Cathy said...

Love your humour!!

ValleyGirl said...

Yup, I had a phase like that!!! My eyes were never that pretty, but they were certainly covered by hair!

Nancy said...

Aww-w-w-w - so cute - he's smiling!!