June 21, 2008

It's so Easy!!!! y'a! y'a!

Seems everyone had something to say about my Walk in Closet the other day. So I might as well tell you more about it!!

It is not quite complete. It is missing the CROWN MOULDING, Chandelier, and window treatment of my dreams. The crown moulding, I should have just ordered when I ordered the rest of the unit. I thought I would save a couple hundred dollars and do it later on. However, then other projects took priority and so my closet remains unfinished. Oh well...soon enough.

Anyway...I created and ordered the closet from a website in the US called
EASY CLOSETS. I HIGHLY...HIGHLY recommend it for any closet project. (no they are not paying me to say this).

The website was INCREDIBLY easy, and so much fun to create a fantasy room. When I was finished I spoke to a real person on the phone and he made sure that everything was done correctly. ALSO... even with the shipping, the prices were VERY reasonable.....and soooooooo WORTH IT!!!!!

So seriously....check out the site. Go create a fantasy room for the fun of it.

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Nancy said...

Awesome! Thanks for telling us about the site!