June 22, 2008

Awesome Finds this weekend

Took the kids to town to watch the street performers and spend too much money for 5 minutes in a bouncy castle....the kids,not me.

Adam worked nights all weekend which means I'm pretty much on my own for three days. Minus a few hours here or there. So...off we went into town for something a little different.

Found some great items that made the trip worth while for sure. Made me happy anyway.

Here is the Vintage 1950's kids table I found. What I love best about it is that it folds up so 1) we can take it camping, and 2) I can store it for when I have grand babies ;)

I also found a couple of hand made good quality dolls. This gal represents Nepal.
I just love the fact that she is wearing her baby on her back. Especially since I spent the morning with my little fella attached to me as well. I also love the fact that she is wearing seven layers of clothes!! Good homeschooling lesson for the girls. They were very concerned that the kids up in the mountains may not have access to toys... I explained to them that all the cheap plastic crap would break in the cold. O.K I didn't say that...but I wanted to.


Lara said...

I LOVE that table!! Where did you find it?!
The doll is really neat too - it makes me think i should look more closely at things to make sure they aren't more than they first appear to be!

Jessica said...

No kidding awesome finds! Loving that.

One thing about a homeschooling mom, everything is a lesson.

ValleyGirl said...

I LOVE that little table!!! It's so cute! Sounds like a great day and some fun finds.