June 13, 2008

I get my Official 'Farm Hand' Button now

I did my first official Farming today. I hopped on a tractor and did some raking. I think I did all right in my cute straw sun hat if I do say so myself.
Next time I am not wearing jeans and I'm DEFINITELY bringing a water bottle. That was just hot!!!

I also had to swerve to miss Henry the Free Range Llama, who wanders the fields at will. He ducked under the electric fence to eat some of the hay I piled nicely....apparently for him. We are not worried about him though. He likes the beef herd and always comes back to them. He is even allowing us to get really close to him now. I think he is liking the fact that there are now 5 calves running around.

My favorite cow #147 (who eats out of my hand) gave birth today. I'm hoping she lets me get good and close to her baby.

That's it. I'm pretty tired today. Long days....everything else is taking priority over computer.

Till next time,



Erin said...

way to go alyson!! next they'll graduate you to tedding or even better bailing :)

ValleyGirl said...

Look at you GO!! We've lived here for six years and I still don't know how to drive our yard tractor! The bulk of the lawn-mowing, the garden-tilling, and the snow-clearing is hubby's domain because I just have no clue. My girls know better than I do what has to happen, but they're not tall or strong enough to drive by themselves. I'm gonna just keep a low profile for the next couple of years yet, and then it will just be their job!!

Nancy said...

Omigosh - you got to drive the tractor and rake hay! Wow - I never got to do that! You definitely have earned your farm hand button. Congrats!

Congrats on #147's baby, too!