June 14, 2008

From 10 Hens to 4 Hens and 1 Rooster

Apparently, if you leave the hatch to the coop open, something WILL get in, catch a chicken and drag it out of the coop...

Leaving ALOT of feathers behind as evidence.


To top it off, I was going to lock them in their pen today so they feel safe but I can't find one. I think she is hiding in the straw and I would hate to lock her out. Hopefully she will turn up before dark and I can close them in for a few days.

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Jessica said...


Did you read about our coon debacle? Not only did we have to lock them in, we had to shut them in with cement blocks!

Coons are no friends to chicken lovers. Actually, I'm not a chicken lover, just a fresh egg lover.