June 11, 2008

Chicks and Calves...an update

The meat chickens are here! 40 adorable, fluffy, yellow chicks. They are at my MIL's for the now under a heat lamp. Little do they know they will 'know' this heat lamp in life AND death. O.K bad joke. Sorry.

Man they are cute!!! We are going to try to visit them often so they get used to us. That way when they are big and fluffy they won't run away when we come see them.

Ummmm...Erin...don't hold on so tight hunny.

I also managed to remember my camera today when checking on the beef herd, and surprise!! Now there are 4 babies. We are naming them after flowers. So far we have May (for Mayflower), Iris, Tulip, and Poenie. The mamas are not allowing us too close yet, and since one of them charged my FIL, I don't dare try to get too close unless I have the men with me (holding sticks).

This one was born yesterday. We named her Tulip becaues of the white T on her face. This is one of the moms that will eat out my hand. She would allow me a little closer BUT, there was another mama RIGHT NEXT TO HER that JUST gave birth, so they were feeling a little more protective. This is the new mama. She was mooing at me to go away. She must have JUST delivered before we walked to the pasture because her baby was still not licked off yet. ew gross I know, but necessary. Know how you feel sista.
In this shot you can see three of the babies including the one above. See the brown mama behind the one mooing at me? She is the VERY PROTECTIVE one. She charged my FIL. She will see our freezer this fall. Sorry.
That is it for now. Lara and I have a little duet we learned on our new piano, so maybe I'll post a video that later. I promise not to sing this time ;)


ValleyGirl said...

Jes' keepin' it real! I love that! I love calves, they're so dang cute! A mile south of us along my mile road is a cattle farm and I always love seeing those little ones. Especially once they're big enough to start hanging out together and playing.

Nancy said...

Fantastic pics!!!!! The cows look so protective - as if they're saying - stay away from my baby!

Hope your FIL is O.K.!!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Love the pictures! I'd love to hear your duet with Lara on your new piano.

Elizabeth said...

haha...a calf named Tulip. :-) that's my daughter's bloggy nickname. :-)