June 22, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I love the evening. I love that my kids are bathed and in bed, and everything is quiet. I love that the air seems to cool off slightly as the sun sets in our backyard. I love the feeling of satisfaction of a day well played. I love that it is now time for me to slow down and breathe.

I stepped outside tonight to do my usual yard pick-up/check, and decided to show you what made me stop...breathe...and be happy.

Here is the mud puddle created by my girls today. They had fun...they got muddy, and they had even more fun being hosed off by me.

I love the shadow cast by the sun setting directly behind me with no trees or fences...or corn(yet) to block the view.

Here are the mud encrusted baby shoes left on the chair. Evidence of a little man who found the mud puddle and was VERY happy about it.

Here is a Caterpillar on the swing set. A reminder of all the wonderful discoveries we find around here.

Here is our horribly plastic baby pool from stuff Mart that I love because it fits 3 children very nicely without threat of the baby being sat on.

This is my backyard. I am not looking forward to another Wall of corn blocking my views again this year, so I planted a row of sweet corn in front of it that we can pick ourselves and have a corn roast and bonfire....If you can't beat em...join em right? My sweet corn is on the right and about half the size as the 'cow' corn right now. It'll catch up I'm sure. That's it. Just a few of the things that made me happy tonight. Just thought I would share.


Carey said...

Those are all wonderful things. Its usually the small things that make us truly happy...the sweet little kiss planted on a sisters cheek by her little brother, the trail of ants the my son enjoys watching, that i have convinced not to crush..in the moment.
I hope you have another great day today.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy your discovering the life I enjoy so much here in my farm yard. Soon I'll have to send you an antique tractor to work on.


Nancy said...

What a beautiful blog. I'm there. The pic of the kids' pool with the grass and the woods in the background took my breath away. Thank you!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

oh my goodness - I haven't seen rows of corn in ages! I grew up in rural IA, farm country - walked beans and detasseled corn (yes BY HAND) every summer for major cash!