June 23, 2008

Growing up...and all that stuff.

I'm emotional lately. Not just a little emotional but crazy emotional. Not sure why. A week off my Marathon training and no stress relief? hmmmm....don't think that is it.

We finished school for the year and I just completed Lara's Kindergarten portfolio. I got to compile a bunch of Art I thought represented her spirit as well as her growth over the last two years. I also wrote a short essay on the person I think she is growing into and has become....O.K that is it. That combined with the fact that her new adult teeth are in and this morning she made toast all by herself.

It's wonderful. Overwhelmingly wonderful....and soooo sooo scary. Am I doing all right? doing a good job? am I doing enough? not enough? Am I praying enough? involved enough? involved too much in her life?

Oh woe is me, to have been blessed with the raising of such a great kid. But seriously...I think I am doing more of the growing up lately.


Nancy said...

I get pretty emotional this time of year - maybe it's the solstice - maybe it's knowing that this late spring beauty in nature is so fleeting - also - this is the time of year when I go shopping for presents for my "baby's" birthday - even though it has been years since he was at home and even longer since he was a kid, I get choked up when I go to Send in the Clowns and remember us buying beautiful balloons (helium even) that seemed so expensive, and crazy colourful toys and doodads. I leave the store with the most sentimental birthday card I can find, and a head full of memories, and a lump in my throat. . . . The thing is, you are enjoying all these moments with your little ones as the moments come along - and this is all you can do. That plus knowing that the answers to all your questions are "yes", and "just right". Lotsa love -

Anonymous said...

Just keep doing what you think is right and the rest will take care of itself. After all, you turned out all right.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I can only imagine how emotional I'd be if I wrote an essay on my kids. Even as I type this I get all teary (so unusual for me - haha). You're a great mom and your kids are a testament to that fact. They're going to grow up to be wonderful, productive people because of the prayers and hard work you and Adam put in.

Emma said...

you are an amazing mom!

you are doing a great job and you have some of the most well behaved and most adorable kids out there.

and really... your such a great mom that i just happened to stick around for 5 years : )

love me