April 29, 2008


Well...we lost another chicken today. Of course it was my favorite one. She had a crooked beak and would 'talk' to me when I came in. In fact, she was the nicest one. She was my little brooder. For the past few weeks I got to pick her up and pet her, and take her off her pretend eggs.
Poor little Beeky. Yes I named her. The only other one I named.

They were out free ranging in our yard. The neighbors dog came running and got her.
By the time I got there she was laying in the tall grass trying to 'talk', but nothing came out.
I carried her to her nest to see if maybe she was just in shock.

When I checked on her a few hours later she was dead.

So....really I could have eaten her. BUT...when I tried to pluck a feather off of her to see what it was like to pluck a feather off a dead chicken, I winced. I just could not do it. I felt like I was hurting her, and part of me was scared she was not completely dead and I would torture her.

So... we buried her. Yes we did. Stop laughing. Putting the dirt over her was not easy. For the record I have only seen ONE person in my life who I loved dead....and it was weird. I have been to autopsies as a paramedic and that was just fine. I even put the other chickens in the fire this winter. But for some reason this felt different. I really did become attached.

Of course now all I can think about is how every other chicken I've eaten has had a personality as well. Oh I hope they all died fast.

Rest in Peace Beeky.

Moving on....

I my other chickens look great, and I hope to be getting more the end of May. Thank goodness my FIL will come at the end of the summer to 'take them away'....and fill my freezer.


Applie said...

I am sorry your lost your favorite chicken.

Erin said...

awww..that's tough.
when i was working as a nanny, I helped raise their chickens. one day (when I was off thank goodness), the families pet husky dog got loose and into the pen and killed 22 chickens!!! (out of 29 i believe)
lets just say, they buried more than just the chickens.
not sure where i was going with this...somehow this was supposed to make you feel better??

i suppose..be thankful you weren't burying your dog? or thank goodness you only lost one chicken?

sigh. nevermind me. thank goodness for father in laws.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Alyson.. that is awful...
I came by to pay you a visit and to tell you how nice it was of you to stop by my blog and leave such sweet comments. But I'm so sorry about Beeky- I'm attached that way to ALL my animals. *sigh*
I love your blog- I'm going to read back some and try to get caught up so I can learn more about you!
Please come back and visit me again, soon!

ValleyGirl said...

Awww, I'm sorry, Alyson. As weird as it sounds to get attached to a chicken, critters just have a way of working their way into the hearts of humans. I totally get that. I would've been tempted to do something dastardly to the neighbour's dog, I tell ya. Mangey mutt.

Katy said...

OH NO Alyson!!! We had the SAME THING happen yesterday!!! No joke!!! Except the culprit was our dog!!! I posted about it on my post today..at the bottom. I was sooooooooooo bummed!!! I totally feel your pain!!! Chris had to bury her :(.

Nancy said...

Exactly. Sweet blog, Alyson - the dilemma of animals and how attached we (and they) get. . .