April 29, 2008

It is not always about ME

Puking kids this morning. A rarity in our house. I think it was supper last night. and NO I did not cook it!! ;) We returned our 'empties' to the store yesterday and decided to take the kids to supper with the money. They are obviously suffering this morning, but we had a great time!!

Looks like our day will be rearranged. I love that about Homeschooling. We can change our day and it is no big deal.

Anyway, as we returned from the restaurant, a man followed us into our driveway. He felt compelled to mention to us that he was talking to the Lord in his car and saw our bumper sticker (K-Love 90.1) That is our local christian radio station. He mentioned that he had never listened to it, but at that moment it was what he needed.

God's timing is perfect. You never know who is watching or listening. I love how the insignificant details of our lives can make a GIANT difference for someone else.

So the next time we are stuck at a traffic light, or behind a very slow driver....maybe it is because God needs someone behind us to catch up and read our bumper sticker ;)

Kind of goes along with our sermon this week.....That things that happen to me are not always about 'ME'


Stacey said...

Isn't it awesome how God works!!!

I tagged you over at my blog... come check it out!

ValleyGirl said...

Sorry to hear about your puking kids ~ I hope they feel better right quick!

It really is amazing who and what God can use to move people. What an awesome experience that must have been!! I like that sentence about stuck at a traffic light so someone can read your bumper sticker. We don't have any of those, but it's still a great reminder for ANY time when we experience impatience; maybe we need to look around us to be more aware of the opportunities God is presenting us. Hmmmm, some good food for thought here today, Alyson! (Not that there isn't other times, of course! This one's just really hitting me today!!)

I wasn't up quite so early this morning. Didn't have to be. Hubby's not working again today, so I know I'll be able to go for my walk pretty much whenever I feel like it. I still prefer mornings and when he's working, I have no choice but to go nice and early, but on days when he isn't, well, I'm just lazier!!

ValleyGirl said...

PS. "we don't have any of those" ~ I meant bumper stickers, but there's precious few traffic lights around here, too!!

Carey said...

Sorry to hear about your chicken.

Thats awesome about the guy that read your bumper sticker..God does work in wonderful ways.

I hope your kids are feeling better today.

Katy said...

I'm so sorry the kids are sick!!! :( i hope they feel better soon!!! :)

That is awesome about your bumper sticker!!! God works in awesome ways!!! :)