April 23, 2008

Creating our Fairy Land

We have a tiny strip of 'Forest' on the West end of our property. To us it is just a tree line, but to our kids ,it is a Magical Fairy Land.

As a child in the suburbs we had a wonderful park across the street called a Partici-park. It was pretty much a trail in some woods with a ravine and some activities every 50 meters or so. It was great. We spent hours in there creating forts and hiding from life. That is until life became a little more 'creepy' and dangerous. It is probably a good thing they finally cut back on all the foliage and put up a row of homes. If I were living there today, I would not allow my kids to lurk in that forest. Catch my drift?

Anyway I digress. I am just glad we can have a SAFE Magical forest to explore here in the country. (Coyotes yes, creepy people no)

Last year I began carving out a small path so they could weave in and out of Fairy land, and duck into secret caves made of old grapevines. Actually I think Fairy Land is as much for me and it is for them :)
Anyway, this year I wanted it finished before all the leaves began to appear. So...I called in the Calvary. Calvary being my handy husband that is.

So...here he is with a dump trailer and a Back-hoe. Seriously.

I suppose the benefit of living on a farm is that equipment is handy when I come up with projects for my husband. I just need to be aware that my husband loves the chance to fix things and use machinery, so I need to be prepared for him to go overboard be thorough with the task given.

Here he is clearing the entire forest my forest path. Oh I just realized this is a bad picture. There really are more trees. I just snapped the pic when he was next to a gap.

Ummmmm....have I mentioned how much I love to see him working machinery???

And here is a new picture of the happiest baby on earth. Not related in any way to the forest, but who cares. My goodness he is happy.


ValleyGirl said...

And he'll be that much happier when HE can run around in Fairy Land!! (of course, he'll probably want to call it something a little more manly....)

We've got a windbreak around our yard, too, and in a few spots, there are willow trees whose branches lean all the way down to the ground ~ creating neat little hideaways that our girls love to play in. Country life is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Boy Aly, that kid is SO cute. :)