April 24, 2008


I had a choice tonight.

Put the baby down, and let the kids watch a show while I clean up the kitchen.


I put the baby down, and snuzzled with them in my bed while we watched a show. Then we enjoyed 15 minutes of silliness until I put them to bed.

Then I had another choice.

Clean up the kitchen,pick up the toys,write my blog,close chicken coop,take laundry down from the line,put away outdoor toys, take a shower and do it all in time for Survivor at 8pm.


I cleaned up the kitchen and sat on my deck. I watched the sun lower on the horizon, smelled the air, listened to the birds chirp and dreamed of what it will be like to live here when we are 80.

The toys can wait, the shower can wait, the blog can wait and really...who cares about Survivor.
I slowed down for a second and just stopped to enjoy life. To enjoy what really matters. To be still with God and feel his presence in my life.....to Breathe and be thankful for my life.

I think I made the right choice.


ValleyGirl said...

And with that awesome feeling always comes the question, "why the heck don't I do this more often??!!" At least, for me it works that way. Sounds like a wonderful evening ~ and Survivor wasn't that great today anyway. Those girls are starting to annoy me...

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i love this...

i had some choices tonight also and ended up making the cuddling & productive choice... I think I made the right choice too...tomorrow morning will be easier b/c of it.


Erin said...

great choice!
feeling the same over here. been choosing life with the family over all the other things that could get done. plus been choosing sleep and extra rest right now over blogging. (not ready to give up reading blogs though)
have a great day.
oh and it was super awesome seeing you on wednesday. I miss everyone.

Nancy said...

You sure did make the right choices.


Your insight does my heart good.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yep, I agree. You definitely made the right choice.