April 22, 2008

How to Be a Styln' Mama

They are here!! They are Here!!

I found some great GIRLY, Housewife Aprons On-line. I LOVE THEM!! I feel sooo...Oh I'll say it. Anne of Green Gables !!! Yipee!!!

The short one is for hanging laundry, bathrooms ect....
The second one is my outdoor gardening one. (That is me wearing them in the above pic. I was making stupid faces so I cropped them.)

My entire youth was pretty much spent running away from femininity, but now that I've found myself in my 30's (gasp), and a country wife with 3 kids, I have to say I am all for feeling as Feminine as possible. I've embraced this part of me and happily so.

This sooooo beats THIS PIC.

Oh!! and the reason for the Tank top and shorts?

That is because it is 25C Here!!!!


The Kerr Family said...

Love the apron and I think the title should be 'One Hot Mama' b/c of how good you look in it. I seriously thought it was a model.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at your pic, and it looks like a naughty housewife from some smutty movie. GOOD ON YA! LOVIN IT!

Alyson said...

Thanks. I think Adam liked the brown one as well ;)

ValleyGirl said...

They look awesome!!! I love the 'gardening' one. Aren't you going to be afraid of getting them dirty? I can see myself buying 5 right away so that they wouldn't get all worn out and faded from washing right away!!

I'm a little envious of your temps. We're back to below normal and suffering with 3-6 C. And wind. Always lots of wind these days. Which makes it feel colder, of course! I actually wore a toque and mittens yesterday for my walk!!