February 23, 2008

Soaking in the Sun

I was supposed to run a 5km Road Race today but woke up completely exhausted. So...my husband took over for me and I allowed myself to chill out.

Although the temperature is still around the Freezing mark, the sun is warming up. Today the house is all warm and cozy with the Sun Spilling into the Large windows.
So here I am....soaking in all up.

I feel like the family pet lounging in the sunbeam.



Anonymous said...

Wise Decision my friend...you are right, there are many more runs to come, and I am sure your body will be thanking you! I would love to do a run, I talked to Sara about doing the "Beat Beethovon sp?Run" in the Spring, I hope its not to late to enter???
P.s I was reading some of your blog today, I had been away from it for a while...well away from the computer, and I missed your inspiring and funny entries!!
I just love the pic of your homemade coffee cake and wine...do you do photography as well!
I just woke up from nap I am going in for nights(back to work at KGH~prayers please) I had a dream about being at your house having a tea party with you and the girls and my beautiful, but crazy boys who were running around your house through all these secret passages...it was a fun dream, my dreams are always so vivid its like living another life.
Enjoy your day...

ValleyGirl said...

Oh, the weather's been so nice here, too!!! My house is too hot now with the woodstove, so we're actually opening windows! It's still below freezing, but it's been so wonderfully clear and sunny for the last few days. And the sun is starting to feel warm again -- even outside!!!! I worked in the yard for about an hour yesterday and didn't even need a jacket!!

Kelli said...

Awww..enjoy your day!

happygeek said...

Love the socks!

MurrayvilleMom said...

How are you doing today Alyson?!