February 26, 2008

Proper Etiquette

Seriously. What happened to Etiquette?

It is not silly or redundant.

When you see a woman with 3 kids, and a grocery cart....offer to help her in some small way. At least hold the door behind you so she does not have to find her Third arm to keep it open.

While you are at it...Write a Thank you note to let her know that you received her gift. Even if you don't like it.

Is there anything wrong with manners? really?

I'm becoming a little disappointed with people these days.

Nothing SHOCKED me more than when I picked up a scraggly looking Teen walking to school. It was freezing...it was a country road...he looked like he could use a ride to get his sleepy bum into class.

So...I offered him a ride in my mini van.

I have to admit that I thought he would be grumpy and rude. After all....he was a little 'un-showered'...and a teen.


He turned to me with a smile and said "Hi! Thanks so much! I'm Steve by the way....and on, and on...and on."

Other than making his day by offering him a lift, he certainly made MY day by having the best manners and kindness.

Who cares that he was dressed in black and looked greasy....don't most teens?

What matters most was his Attitude...yes with a Capitol A.

I felt like I was in one of those "Foundations for a Better Life" Commercials.

So seriously....leave your comfort zone and have some manners. Better yet....set the example and teach your children. Don't Kill Chivalry!!!!


MomOfTheCrazies said...

My sister and I were discussing manners and chivalry the other day. She finds that it's the people she would least expect that rush to open doors for her when she's got her kids in the stroller. And it's frustrating at how many people avoid eye contact and can't be bothered to wait the extra 2 seconds to hold the door open for you (especially when you're struggling with kids).

There was a man at Tim Horton's that told me to go in front of him in line because I had a baby with me. Something like that can really make your day!

ValleyGirl said...

Isn't it interesting how it's such a treat when someone does something chivalrous or polite for us? Must be because it's simply not done a whole lot.

The other day I went to a fundraising banquet and on my way into the building, I stopped to help an older woman get out of a car. She'd come with two other older women and the one trying to help her up out of the back seat just couldn't manage it. I was a little worried she'd be embarrassed (which is, I think, an excuse we give ourselves fairly regularly for not offering help), but instead she joked about the situation and I loved it when she said, "Thanks so much for the help, dearie. Without your help, I wouldn't have gotten in until all the good food was gone!"

It really does pay to be nice to others.

Katy said...

Amen to that! I am so glad he was so polite! That is so wonderful! I am HUGE (and i mean HUGE) on thank you notes. I always send them. I think they are such a big part of saying thank you. EVEN if you say thank you in person...I think a thank you note is sweet as well. I am sooo thankful my kids are good with their manners. Being rude or unkind to others is a bad witness and reflection of your walk with Christ. I think sometimes people don't remember that! Thanks so much for sharing this! :)

happygeek said...

Crazy has already commented on it, but I cannot get over how many "unwashed teens" knock themselves out to help me with the door, while I have had men dressed in suits let it close in my face.
Geek looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart!

Bess said...

Amen, sister! A complete truth that I try to instill in my 2 year old every day!

The Kerr Family said...

I think many of us have made the observations you've just blogged about ... my personal pet peeve is people who don't rsvp. I don't think I'd pick up a stranger (I know country living is different but I'm still a little paranoid) but good for you!