February 22, 2008

Beauty of Hand Written Notes

I sat down Yesterday to write a letter to my Grandma. Yes I still have a Grandma. In fact she is alive and thriving in her 90's. In fact I've only lost one Grandpa so far and he was in his 90's as well.

I've always written her letters. It is such a simple way to say what I really mean. The letters can be long or short, but the gist is to say I love you and update her on my life.

For me, letters allow me to think before I 'speak' and say what I really mean. I am a talker, but have a tendency to say the wrong thing. So for me, writing is a way to be much clearer and more precise with my words.

The beauty of a letter is the letter itself. It is so personal and requires more effort and thought than a quick e-mail or phone call.

The hand written note, the personally addressed envelope, and the letter that is only written for their eyes only....Speaks Volumes.

Even a nice little Thank You note to acknowledge receipt of a gift.....so nice.

I have always liked to write. My mother has a ton of notes passed on to her from me when I just could not say something I needed to say in person.

I think even my best friend still has a pile of notes written in class from when we were in high school.

Let's not forget all the steamy romantic letters my husband and I exchanged while apart from each other in our courting days.

They are priceless....and so worth the time...AND SOOOOO MUCH FUN TO READ AFTER A FEW YEARS.

If not for the content, who doesn't love getting a note in the mail that is not a bill?

So write a letter or a note to someone you care about....Just because. I bet it would Tickle them Pink


Texas Daddy said...

Yes, your grandma loves your letters. She would love your blogs if she was computer literate.

Your Grandpa dies just before his 90th birthday. He loved your letters too.


Katy said...

That is soo awesome! Snail mail is the absolute BEST!!! I just wish postage wasn't getting so expensive!

ValleyGirl said...

Yeah, it's sad that email and IM have replaced the art of letter writing. It's just so much easier on the hands to type! I guess that's what makes a hand-written letter special though -- it takes more effort and costs a littl something to send. But for those we love, that shouldn't be enough to stop us.

I REALLY LOVE this 'simplicity' theme you've got goin' on here!!!!

Kirsten said...

I got a little something in the mail today. You're the best. Except thank you for making me feel 150 years old.