February 20, 2008

Posted on You Tube

O.K...so I had to post the 'video' on You Tube in order to get it onto my site.
Remember...you can't see me, just hear me play the guitar.

I know, I know...I should quite my day job ;)

Oh....If you are wondering what on earth this is....scroll down and check my previous couple of blogs.

If the video is playing slow and choppy...press pause...watch the grey bar turn darker grey...then press play again. In other words, just wait a couple of minutes.


Erin said...

woohoo!! nice

Jessica said...

YOU make me smile!

Applause applause!

ValleyGirl said...

How long have you been taking lessons? I love the simple beauty of the guitar's sound -- and you, my friend, sound like a folk singer!

Thanks for your wonderfully encouraging comment on my blog!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I was listening to you sing and Crazy #2 came up and said "That's nice music!". I told her that it was Lara and Erin's mommy and she said "She sings nice music."

Thanks for making us smile this morning!

Katy said...

The video wasn't choppy for me! It sounded sooo great! It was so cute! love it!!! :)

texas daddy said...

Ok, so now its on to Canadian Idol.

Anonymous said...

"Yo yo yo, listen up DAWG...you WORKED IT OUT yo! There were a few little pitchy problems in the middle, but yo, you really had it together in the second half yo...Dog pound we got a HOT one in here tonight!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Mom says;
I remember my Mom teaching me this song. I am so glad I can pass this on to you and your children. You do me proud!! and after only 2 lessons. By this summer you will be a star. Can't wait for the campfire!