February 20, 2008

Let Me Show you Around

Shoot. I still can't get the video to work. Maybe I'll have to post it on You Tube, and then find it there to post on my site....Hmmm.

So, instead I'll give you a little tour of our house today. I still have yet to show you around so here is a little sample of our home in the country.

The sunlight is coming in quite bright today so my pics are a little off...Mmmm warm sunlight.
Speaking of which....I shoved my children outside to soak it up so I have a moment to myself.

This is my kitchen. Notice how neat and tidy it is. NO TOYS ARE PERMITTED HERE. I just can't stand the chaos. Especially since this is also the main entrance.

These are the stairs off the kitchen. I have ALWAYS wanted 'secret' stairs in my house. I'm 30 years old and I still think it is cool. The stairs go right into our bedroom. I was standing on them to take the Kitchen picture.

This is the dining room. We go through it to the living room and other rooms. It is right off the kitchen. Again....I try to keep it simple and clutter free. Lara's craft table is at the other end. I like the cupboard under the stairs. That stores all our homeschooling and craft supplies....and anything else I don't want you to see when you come visit.

This is the living room right off the dining room. If you can look past THE ABSOLUTE DISASTER my children have created today...you may notice all the big windows. There are Four in this room alone....24 in the entire house.
The windows are great for watching everyone who comes and goes. It is great for nosy concerned citizens such as myself.

The living room is long, and toys clean up in a jiffy as everything really does have a place to go...really. We don't have a basement or family room so this is the play room during the day. Just keeping things real here :)

These are the Boobs doing what they do best...being boobs ;)


Nancy said...

Love those secret stairs!!!

ValleyGirl said...

You have a beautiful home, Alyson! I love the simple, homey feeling -- it's actually quite elegant. Thanks for the tour!

Jessica said...

Great tour!

How do you enforce the no toys in the kitchen rule? I have the same rule, but every time I turn around, literally, I am tripping over a baby buggy or something!

(I love your secret stairs! We have secret stairs in our bathroom of all the oddities...)