February 14, 2008

14 Things I Love about living in the Country

Since Moving to the Homestead these are the things I Love about living here.

1) My Clothes line

2) Having Chickens in my backyard

3) Not needing any curtains on my windows

4) Sending my kids outside to play

5) A wagon ride takes a second to coordinate.

6) Walks in the Woods...our woods

7) Looking out my window and seeing exactly who is coming and going down the road at any particular time of day

8) Everyone waves

9) In bad weather, people check on you

10) Watching the train in the Valley

11) Watching my husband do very manly things

12) Walking out to the field and picking soybeans

13) Walking to the milk house to fill up a pitcher

14) I can walk around the yard in underwear Practical clothes like THIS and nobody can see me.



Katy said...

Oh....i LOVE all the things you have described here!! The only differences for me are...i have to have curtains...LOL..they just make me feel more secure..and the soybean and milk thing...i can't do those things...although i CAN get fresh things out of the garden in the summer...YUM! Nothing beats corn on the cob and fresh green beans...although i can my green beans and we freeze the corn so we can enjoy it in the winter...it is soo wonderful!!!

I just adore my clothesline...i think having clothes hanging out is such a wonderful sight!!

Oh..and i don't have a train that i can see either...but that is so awesome that you do! :) The list you made is beautiful! I love every item on it!

Hope you have a great Valentines day! :)

Anonymous said...

are those the boots that got the chicken poo on them??

Nancy said...

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Nice new blog format. Happy Valentines Day!

Carey said...

All wonderful things to love about the country.
Happy Valentine's Day!