February 15, 2008

Nothing says LOVE like a Meal from scratch

Peacan Coffee Cake.

To be enjoyed after the kids are in bed, with some ice cream and candlelight.

Wine was a good idea, but better with the HOMEMADE Lazangna and much better AFTER the desert. Coffee cake really should be enjoyed with...coffee. Go figure.

I'm still learning. It is ALMOST hard to tell that when we were married I could barely cook noodles.

I should change the Heading to Nothing says Love like swallowing, stomaching your wifes burned Fabulous Homecooked Meals until she finaly masters it starts following recipes.


Carey said...

It looks yummy!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

That coffee cake looks fantastic. Now I'm hungry!

Nancy said...


Katy said...

oh my gosh...that looks absolutely scrumptious! Makes me hungry for something sweet!!! LOL I hope you had a fantastic evening!! Also....i love the look of your table! it looks beautiful!!!! xoxo