February 13, 2008

My chickens...my yummy Chickens

You saw what happens around here when my chickens get too cold. (Poor Princess)
Well this is what happends when they get too hot.

NO this is NOT PRINCESS!! That would just be...well...wrong.


**"Liza"** said...

lol well chicken made for eating though, but yeah if you to it to your pet that is Wrong..lol..Happy WW and Happy Valentines..;)

Katy said...

oh whew...i am so glad that wasn't princess! LOL That would have just been so weird....i don't think i could bring myself to actually eat of our chickens...it would just be so weird. ya know? You are so nice to have good names for your girls. We have so many..that we can't keep them straight...except one..we named her dipstick LOL. Cuz if she is not closed up in the coop...she will go out of the coop and sleep up on top of one of the beams of the fence around the chicken run! No joke! LOL i don't know how she stays up there!!! It cracks me up! She will even sit up there if it is cold...so chris has to go and put her in the coop. Silly chicken! LOL