August 02, 2007

Someone has to do it

It is Hay time here in the country. I'm sure I could be more specific...straw, silage...whatever. To me it is hay. And it is hot. Over 40C with the humidity today. As much as I hibernated and groaned someone has to be out in the fields.
My husband loves to bail (bale?) Hay. I'm not sure why. In fact most people are not sure why but for whatever reason he is more than happy to help out.

Someone stays in the wagon and feeds the bales onto the conveyor belt while the other person goes into the barn to place the bales.
Don't ask me why but for some reason my husband VOLUNTEERS to go into the hay mow.

You can't begin to imagine how hot it is in there. I would say that today it was a good 50C. Notice the pants.....I'm hot just looking at these pictures

It is the job of the loving wife to bring the hard working manly men their refreshments. Of course Cheryl is a better house wife than me because I just stood there taking pictures while she took care of them :)

This is my very sweaty manly husband drinking the wonderful cold ice water that was brought to him...not by me. I'm wondering what he would say to me if I asked for a sip?
Com'on hunny it's hot....I'm thirsty too. I'm feeding your newborn son that I grew in my tummy. (ha ha!! yet again I found another excuse to use it) good for me.


Nancy said...

Nice. Loved the blog and the pics.

Carey said...

I would not want to do that job, its hot enough just going outside.

ValleyGirl said...

We've finally gotten our reprieve from the heat, so maybe yours is coming!! I just spent the 5 hottest days in my life at the lake and I hardly had the energy to get from the campsite to the water -- let alone pile bales in a hayloft!!! Whew!

Cathy said...

I love a hard working man!!

And, I think it is lovely that you documented this event, and so what if somebody else brough him water lol! And yes, you can use that excuse for quite some time lol!!

That looks like very hard and hot work!