August 13, 2007

Forgive those who Sin against Us

I am so proud to be country and surrounded by family. I'm loving the air, the people and the lifestyle. It has been a great learning experience and I want to be here forever. That being said, I am dissapointed in one thing......

As roots run deep in these parts so do grudges.
I was snubbed yesterday at the ball diamond because of a past feud with a family member (not involving me at all). This lady does not know me, and in fact I don't think I have ever spoken to her in the six years of my marriage, but because I am related to the people she does not like...voila. I was snubbed.

Previously knowing all about this 'feud' I naively I will say hello and be friendly because franctly she has never done anything to me and I don't know her either.
As she got up and walked away I was reminded that I can't control others reactions or feelings towards me...but I certainly can control my reaction to them.

The Lord has forgiven me for everything in my past. My thoughts, actions and secrets. If he can forgive us for everything little crappy thing we have ever thought then why is it so hard for us to forgive someone for being a boob a long time ago?

I find it interesting how people seem to expect others to forgive them for stupid little things they say and mistakes they have made....but nobody seems to be willing to be the forgiver!!!
Nobody seems to be willing to just let things go and accept that people screw up.

Our Lord's prayer says to forgive us our Sins as we forgive others who Sin against us. So why can't we just let it go? Seriously people....let it go and be the one to effect change.

It is not worth it and I don't want to be a part of it.


ValleyGirl said...

It IS amazing how difficult it is to forgive, even though we expect others should be able to do it. Takes a lot of humility.

I haven't noticed long-time family grudges out here in our neck of the woods, but one thing I've definitely noticed is that, among the men in particular, no one ever has anything good to say about anyone else -- unless, of course, they're in the same room together. Very judgemental and somewhat gossip-y, these Valley men!!

ValleyGirl said...

P.S. There's something waiting for you on my blog!

Nancy said...

Bravo Alyson!! Well said. This incident was, as Peter put it, unbelievable. More later.

You will forever be, in my eyes, a good writer, both because you are a good writer (!) and because you used the word "effect" correctly.