August 10, 2007

Quality Time

This is my very happy 5 year old. She had spent the morning building a box with her Dad. He was busy building something for me but took the time to help her create a tiny box. He even let her nail it together and use a real hammer.

That's all it takes.....Our time. Is it going to take a little longer to get things done? of course. Is it frustrating sometimes to watch our little ones struggle? of course. Does it take alot of self control not to grab the utensil from them and do it ourselves so it is 'done right' ? You bet.
Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Taking the time to teach our children the skills we know is one of the best gifts we can pass on to our children.

When I take the time to let my kids 'help' I notice something. I learn that life is more fun with them in my life....that messes can be cleaned up later...and that if I practice patience they usually end up teaching me something too.

I wish I had a picture of Adam and Lara building the box. I was in my Anne of Green Gables skirt pushing Lara and Peyton on the swing. I looked over at them and it was such a sweet site. I felt so content and happy that day.
I love it when I see my strong man act so gentle with the kids, and then go and build me something nice. I just fall in love with him all over again :)

Have a great weekend everyone.


Nancy said...

So true! You two are amazing!

Carey said...

What a nice box, your daughter sure looks happy.
You are so right, kids only want our time, it doesnt matter what you do.