July 02, 2007

Happy Canada Day

Had an interesting Canada Day yesterday. It made me smile. We went across the street for a party. I knew a few people but met some new folk. I am still the new city girl in town that has invaded their country space but I did not feel too out of place.
The best part was when a pick up truck pulled in, and out hopped a man in a cool straw cowboy hat. He reached in the back of the pick up, grabbed his 24 of beer and over he came. I honestly thought I was in a Kenny chesney video. Especially since I was cheering on the guys at the horseshoe pit. I had to laugh.

Country folk know how to eat right that is for sure. I had some great strawberry pie. They also work hard all day long and love to get together to socialize. I am surprised at how much everyone socializes around here. I always pictured the country as more quiet and isolated. I have noticed however that people around here are always stopping by to chit chat about nothing. It is great. There is no problem just popping by or finding people to come out for a bonfire.

It was great. I am loving it here. I like the people and the food :) Adam and I have wonderful friends but they are all so different and spread out. ( Don't get me wrong..love you all) I can now see the value of staying in the same area forever. You get to know everyone. It just feels so comfortable. I do like farmers and trades people...they work hard all day, and so they like to get together and have a good time.

I am fighting a small cold and the kids needed to go to bed so I came in early, but Adam got to stay out, chat and catch up. I am glad to be able to give him that. I think he is just tickled pink to be back in the old stomping grounds.

I'm finding it hard to explain myself and I don't think I did a great job, but all in all I am so proud to be country and really feel at home here. I think right now I am just so tired from getting up with Peyton all night that my brain is not functioning so well anymore. He's great but some sleep would be nice.

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Nancy said...

Are you kidding?! You explained it beautifully. Wow - you are totally "getting it" re being country. The hard work, the get-togethers, the great food (nothing like those home made country pies - mm-m-m-m) It's a rich social fabric that our families and friends have been weaving over the decades. Yes, the social scene is amazing. Who'da thunk it.