July 03, 2007

Baby Blues

Ever have one of THOSE DAYS?? Of course you do. We all do. You know the days. The ones where you don't feel like you can do anything right? So what went wrong yesterday you ask? Nothing really. Nothing broke or got destroyed. My kids were great and of course so was my husband. I just had an aweful day. A day where I kept wondering why God gave me children if I am just going to mess them up?? Like I said...they are great. My kids are angels ( as kids go). I just for some reason wanted to crawl under a rock yesterday and be alone. I think the fact that I am fighting a little cold and have not slept in seven weeks could have something to do with it. The fact that I can't leave my babies side because I am the only one who can nourish him. I love it...but today I am tired of it.
So I went back to bed. All day. That is right. That is how fabulous my husband is. When I ventured outside to do some weeding with the whipper snipper he told me to just go rest. So nice. Thanks hun.
Today I feel better. I wonder how I will feel on my run. Running always makes me feel better.

Even though today I still have a nagging feeling that I am just going to mess up my kids by being their mom I will smile and be as nurturing as I can. I think today is a postpardum blues days. So yes I get it too. Being a mom for 5 years now I am o.k with the fact that I'm allowed to have a bad day.

I know that something will happen today that will pull at my heart strings and I'll be right back to wanting to devote my time to these little people. It won't be hard...they are adorable.

I feel better already. Thanks for listening.


Carey said...

I do hope you feel better today. Life can be hard with little ones running around. Enjoy your run.

Cheryl said...

We all have those days.....even when our baby is 19 months. Hopefully you feel better today and can get some rest.

Cathy said...


I hope that this morning you woke up refreshed and renewed!

Take it easy on yourself! We all have bad days, and you are allowed. I am glad you went to bed all day! Sometimes we need that to keep moving forward.

I am sure many of us can relate to what you have posted. I know I have been there more than once.

Have a great run! I know that ALWAYS boosts my mood.

A happy Mom is a happy Family!


Nancy said...

I had a day like that a couple of days ago. Rest assured that you are an amazing mom with adorable and well-behaved children - I don't know of anyone who's doing a better parenting job than you.

Sleep deprivation plus being on 24-hr. call for your little one - that'll do it. Feeding every 2 hrs. is hard. Yup. Thank goodness it doesn't last very long. In 20 yrs. you will be so glad you did this.

ExPat Mom said...

I´ve been there, too! Kids do seem to turn out alright, despite our not being perfect. Don´t worry too much about it and maybe think about getting away for a day, even if it means taking Peyton with you! At least you can have a break from the rest of it.