July 01, 2007

10 Things about me

Some interesting facts about me you may not know without giving too much information to the internet ''crazzies'' out there.

1) I've been part of a longterm language study since I was 5. Every 7 years they do testing to see how we change over time. The best part is they tell us what all of us are up to. Who is married, has children, what kind of jobs we now have ect. I turn 30 this year and will do another study when we all turn 33.

2) I tried out for the Ontario Provincial Field hockey team and made the squad!! I practiced with the Regionals for a while but got lost in the shuffle and never played a game. It was weird.

3) When in University I owned my own business teaching In-line skating with a friend. He turned out to be a dud and still owes me money. oh well :)

4) I almost drowned White water Rafting

5) I was married to my hubby six months after our first date (and told him I would NEVER move to the farm!!)

6) I joined the Army Reserves when I was 17 as a Medic (paramedic/nurse) I got to assist in minor surgery and deal with a few real life traumas.

7) I have an obsession with Anne of Green Gables and Butter. O.K most people who know me know that I have a butter problem.

8) One of my life goals is to run a marathon in my 30th year. That may happen yet. If it happens before I am 40 I'll be a happy camper

9) My degree is in Kinesiology specializing in sports injuries. I wanted to be a trainer for an NFL football team.

10) I live a life now (christian homeschooling mother of 3 living in the country) that is so far from anything I dreamed of or expected. The person I am today is very different from the child and woman I was 6 years ago. However I live by God's grace and I would not want my life to be anything other than it is.

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Anonymous said...

Alyson, I love your blog. You always seem to make me smile! (I certainly smiled when I read the part about Erin not wanting to wear undies! Kids are so funny.) Glad to hear Peyton's doing so well and growing so big. Have a good week and we're looking forward to seeing you later in the week!