July 29, 2007

The Farm is alive with the sound of music....la la la la

Oh I am a happy country girl. I had such a fantastic weekend!
It began on Saturday when Adam and I saw the musical ANNE AND GILBERT!!!!!

Oh yes. That would be a play from the island of PEI about the best book series ever written!
It was magical. I laughed and I cried. I just wanted to run up on stage and join them. I restrained myself though....but it was hard.
and yes....I wore my beautiful frilly white skirt. For a moment in time I think I actualy WAS Anne of Green Gables, and now that I have some great songs in my head I can parade around the farm for at least another six weeks pretending to be Anne.
So much fun.

Yes we took the baby and yes he was strapped to me in his sling. We switched our fabulous seats for ones at the back near the exit. That way if and when he cried Adam could run out the door with him....and he did. Adam ended up taking him down the street to a local pub to watch sports. Somehow I don't think Adam minded :)

I don't care if I was standing by myself clapping and smilling like an idiot....I got to see my Anne come to life on stage.

The best character was Josie Pye. The actress who played her was perfect. I always thought Gilbert to be tall so when a short little guy came out I was not impressed...but that was the only fault I found in the show.

I'm so glad we saved for two months to go. I'm so glad we ( o.k I) did something for myself. It was worth every penny and the struggle of trying to keep Peyton happy in the theatre. It was so special. I equate it to how Adam would feel if the Red Sox came into town....we would just HAVE TO GO.


Nancy said...

Nice. Glad you got to see the play. It's nice to sing around the house, but it's specially nice in a farm house, as you go around about your daily chores, looking out windows in all directions and checking out the views.And singing always sounds great in a big farm house!

Carey said...

I didn't know there was a play of Anne of green gables.
Glad to hear you had a great time.

Cathy said...

Good for you Alyson! I am so pleased for you!