July 30, 2007

Over the Years

Every year I force my wonderful husband to oblige me and we take a picture of ourselves. We stand the same way and I take it with my arm outstretched. The pics are taken around our anniversary so we now have 6 pictures not including our wedding photo.
I had the idea after year one to take the same picture every year of our marriage so we can see a progression over the years. I love pictures so why not? I think when we are 80 and there are 60 pictures to look at it will be neat to see the changes. We do the same with our family pics as well.

So here they are. The ones I still have on my computer. They start in 2004 only because before that I had a film camera and I don't own a scanner. So you get four years of my husband humoring me.

If you are wondering...these pics are usually take number 5 or 10 and by this time Adam's smile is forced....but he loves me anyway:)

This is 2004. A year after I started growing my hair after chopping it all off. In this pic I am pregnant with our second.

This is 2005. We are on a trip to Toronto to see Cirque du Soleil without our kids. It was a wonderful time

This is 2006. We are at my Dad's farm out west. Little did I know I was pregnant with our third here :)

2007. We are on our way to see a play. Hmmmm I'm noticing big changes in our hair ;)


Lara said...

What a fabulous idea. I may just have to start doing that with Eric! I think we took a couple like that on our honeymoon and might even have taken one last year on our anniversary so i'll just have to make a point to keep going!

Cathy said...

So, I am going to say! Happy Anniversary?! to you both!!

And, what a great idea Alyson! That will be amazing to see!!

Carey said...

Happy Anniversary!
You two are so cute together!
Keep taking those pics, its an awesome idea.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

These are great pics! You're adorable!!

And about your mei tai, I always take the straps and wrap them around the body of the carrier when toting, or you can also put it in a tote bag if you'd like. But, you should be happy none the less!!!


The Kerr Family said...

You guys are just getting better (and cuter) with age! What a fun tradition!

Diane said...

I LOVE this idea!!!!!!

You guys are so cute.