July 06, 2007

Cool slings

So I have been researching lately to find the best sling for Peyton and I. I currently own a ring sling and a pocket. So far I don't like the pocket and Peyton hates it. The ring sling has been great but I'm noticing that after about 30mins to an hour my back is killing me. I would switch it to the other shoulder but for some reason that feels too awkward. I'm afraid I'm throwing my back and hips off kilter.
I love wearing my baby. It is good for him, and good for me in so many ways. So...Here is what I have found so far.

A ton of information on the web and testimonials from fabulous baby wearing moms. Who knew there was SUCH a network out there. My favorite so far is the Mei Tei ( say it like May Tie). It offers the closeness I need with the proper weight distribution. As Peyton gets older I can also wear it on my back. That makes gardening alot easier I'll tell y'a. I'm sure the little fella did not appreciate me knocking his little knoggin with the pruning shears. oops :)

Anyway Steph at Adventures in Babywearing is having a contest and is giving away a podonbutai. Hmmm did I spell that right? Steph has been great for increasing my sling knowledge and has a ton of links on her site for info. The podonbutai is an original invention by Jenn at All Natural Mommies. They combine the traditional and the old to create the perfect sling!!! I'm hoping to win the contest at Adventures in Babywearing. If not...any takers in buying me one? really I'm worth it. Even just a nice Mei Tei. I would be forever in debt and may offer you our fourth child. O.K not really but you would make me smile :)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for entering and I totally hope you win or that someone does buy you one!!


Cathy said...

Alyson, I am considering a sling for this winter for the new baby we are having. I am not quite sure how to get everybody to school/preschool and back. I need to leave the house about six times every day...most likely in the pouring rain and cold, and maybe even wind and snow. So, I have to come up with a plan! And, I have to be able to bend down to take care of the other little ones under-foot. I am going to go visit those sites you have posted!


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about a sling, except I wish I had one, but waitingforsophie.blogspot.com has some advice on slings, she adores the mai tai, and she gets hers from babyhawke ( I think) but if I were to have another baby (and I am not LW) I would get one too! Good luck in the contest!

Kirsten said...

I got a Babyhawk and can totally carry Emmett (28lbs) comfortably in it. He loves it. Plus tiny babies don't even make you feel like you're wearing anything. It's WONDERFUL. Couldn't recommend it more!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

Thanks so much for entering the fun contest! I love all the different carriers for different reasons so it's cool that there all in one now :)